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Welcome to the chameleon castle






Welcome into the chameleon castle. As a multimedia artist focused on world building, every aspect of content, technicality, and presentation of both my work and my persona as an artist must be aesthetically interlocked and as intentional as possible. Gaining inspiration from the mundanity of daily life, I attempt to push the boundaries of reality and create a world that borders on familiar, but is equally unexplainable and exciting. 

I love creating scenarios using physical and conceptual juxtaposition. This manifests through blending photos with hand drawn imagery and painted shapes and colors. I take external influence from music, fashion, and animals and blend it with ingrained knowledge and instinct to synthesize unfamiliar combinations. This allows new ideas about familiar concepts to arise and be reevaluated. 

Chameleon castle is vibrant, fully saturated, and maximalist. It is loud and allows for endless discoveries. The idea was born in my first solo show from 2018, Come Closer. Curating an exhibition provided space to discover how presentation affects the experience and reception of the work itself. This idea has expanded and manifested in numerous forms including installation and interactive work. I want to make the art viewing experience fully body and tactile rather than strictly visual. 

In all of my work, I hope to inspire and expand the minds of my viewers. I strive to be the full embodiment of creation through every outlet possible. Regardless of what specifically I make, I want the impression of my work to be lasting, stimulating, and simply enjoyable.

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